MTU shaping the future of cybersecurity training

The Munster Technological University (MTU) Department of Computer Science is at the forefront of cybersecurity training, education and research in Ireland. With a robust offering of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, MTU is shaping the future of cybersecurity professionals, with a pivotal role in national cybersecurity developments.

A comprehensive approach to cybersecurity education

MTU’s Department of Computer Science is one of Ireland’s largest, with over 900 students and 50 academic staff. It offers a broad spectrum of programmes, including specialised MSc degrees in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, software architecture, and notably, cybersecurity. Recognised nationally for its leadership in cybersecurity education and upskilling, the department equips its IT Management undergraduates with industry-relevant skills, leading to direct employment in cybersecurity roles.

The MSc in Cybersecurity has evolved in partnership with industry figures since 2015. It offers both part-time and full-time options, attracting a diverse student body with high employment prospects. The department has expanded its cybersecurity education portfolio with the MSc in Cyber Security Management, catering to graduates from various backgrounds and aiming to prepare them for leadership roles in the cybersecurity industry.

Strategic partnerships and national contributions

MTU’s Computer Science department played a crucial role in establishing Cyber Ireland, the national cybersecurity cluster, addressing skill shortages and driving sector growth. It has also contributed significantly to Cyber Skills, a national programme offering micro-credentials and educational pathways in cybersecurity, in collaboration with the University of Limerick and TU Dublin. 

More recently MTU has obtained funding for Cyber Innovate under Enterprise Ireland’s Innovators Initiative. The Cyber Innovate initiative is a unique collaboration between the Department of Computer Science and the department of Management and Enterprise at MTU Cork.

MTU Cork’s Head of the Department of Computer Science, Ted Scully, welcomed the landmark new project, saying: “The department of Computer Science are delighted to collaborate with the department of Management and Enterprise at MTU to facilitate the delivery of the Cyber-Innovate initiative. This unique programme will support and strengthen entrepreneurship in cyber-security both regionally and nationally”.

Ted Scully, Head of the Department of Computer Science, MTU Cork

This novel programme aims to collaborate with multiple stakeholders (industry, academia, government, entrepreneurs and risk capital) to provide learners with an innovation training programme that will ultimately support and strengthen entrepreneurship in cyber-security. This programme gives  participants the opportunity and training to identify and develop innovative concepts that have the potential to have a tangible and substantive impact on the cybersecurity landscape.

MTU’s commitment to cybersecurity education and innovation not only prepares skilled professionals for the industry but also contributes significantly to national cybersecurity strategies. Through comprehensive education programs, strategic partnerships, and national contributions, MTU is solidifying its position as a leader in the cybersecurity education landscape.

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